More About Me

Helping people move to the next chapter of their lives, either by selling their current one and buying a new one, is what I love most about being a broker. And educating clients on all aspects of the real estate process, to make reaching their real estate goals, is where I excel.

Before becoming a broker, I spent 18 years in desktop publishing and web design. I had my first email account in 1989 and many people have called me an early adapter to the internet. Good thing, because knowing how to navigate the MLS, how to research properties or do a thorough comparative analysis are essential to helping clients find their dream home – or to sell a beloved family home at a great price.

My degree in 1987 from the Jackson School of International Studies, along with the ability to speak some French and Spanish, opened my eyes to culture, world affairs and trade. All great preparation for working with many different people from different walks of life in their pursuit of a home.

I love project management, so helping clients prepare their home for sale, or working through issues that come up with any given transaction, is satisfying to me. It’s where my ability to logically think through and solve problems shines. An asset that makes me the broker you want to have in your corner.

If you’re ready to take that next step in your life, please contact me. Let’s work together.

I chose to work with RSVP because of the the support and tools my company gives me.